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TripTrac Data

When we decided to deploy the TripTrac here in Savannah, GA we knew there would be a lot of useful information collected. But what to do with a huge file of data? We were able to easily translate all of the Zip Codes into actual city or county and state with ease. By doing this we have learned that Savannah has been graced by visitors from EVERY single state in the country! In addition, Savannah is getting a better feel for where their marketing dollars have been spent wisely and locations that could use more efforts. Obtaining this information is quick, three questions for a visitor to log, taking only 30-45 sec.

The value TripTrac can add to a visitor center is undeniable. Many old systems of logging visitors is in a 3-ring binder notebook and done by hand. This leads to illegible handwriting and human error. On top of that, the hours spent reentering the data is wasted. When TripTrac can generate data reports at any given time AND do it for you and the cost of one paid hour per person per day! I’m sure that this would add value to any DMO looking to find valuable data about their visitors.

We plan to expand!

As the world’s largest and most reliable resource for official destination marketing organizations (DMOs), Destination Marketing Association International is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of over 2,800 professionals from nearly 650 destination marketing organizations in over 30 countries. We are attending their 96th annual convention in Hollywood, FL. Three days of face to face interaction is the perfect opportunity for BlueFocus Media to showcase products and services, and network with hundreds of key DMO decision-makers.

TAP 1-year Anniversary specials!

In celebration of our first year anniversary in Savannah, we are offering amazing discounts on our new package deals. Based on the over 150,000 hits TAP has received, we have come up with the most cost effective advertising combinations and packaged them into deals with special rates.

Sign up now, and join Savannah TAP:

• The first eco-friendly, tourist advertising tool with no paper waste
• All of your information can be sent via text message to a visitor’s cell phone
• The all new TAP Deals allows custom coupons sent to a cell phone, allowing direct ROI tracking
• Online, real-time reporting. Check your stats anytime, anywhere
• Change out your ad or coupon as often as you like: promote seasonal specials, new menu items, and more!
• No hidden fees. Showcase yourself where the visitors are.

These prices are lower than our introductory rates, so click here on the attached PDF for info, or call Sarah today to take advantage of these offers!

The TAP in Forsyth Park is hitting high numbers

“A group of tourists had a great time with the large touch-screen display that has information for tourists.” Bill Dawers
As of today, February 25, 2010 the Fort in Forsyth Park is collecting over 35% of the total TAP clicks. As we all know, the fort has been highly anticipated to open and clearly this was worth the wait!

TripTrac can be found in the MLK visitor center

TripTrac has made its way out of our office and into the MLK visitor’s center. There are two touch screen data collectors set up at the main desk. The data acquisition takes roughly 30 seconds and a free map is delivered upon completion. This is the first round deployed in Savannah, and on a larger scale the Georgia Welcome Centers are interested in these as well. The questions are simple: where are you from and where are you going. It is amazing how valuable these simple questions are in terms of marketing value and how nice it will be to have them handed to you in a sorted, legible document. If you are a business or if your city is looking for a way to capture this valuable data, contact us for a quote and we can customize the TripTrac to suit your every need.

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