TripTrac can be found in the MLK visitor center

TripTrac has made its way out of our office and into the MLK visitor’s center. There are two touch screen data collectors set up at the main desk. The data acquisition takes roughly 30 seconds and a free map is delivered upon completion. This is the first round deployed in Savannah, and on a larger scale the Georgia Welcome Centers are interested in these as well. The questions are simple: where are you from and where are you going. It is amazing how valuable these simple questions are in terms of marketing value and how nice it will be to have them handed to you in a sorted, legible document. If you are a business or if your city is looking for a way to capture this valuable data, contact us for a quote and we can customize the TripTrac to suit your every need.

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  • The MLK TripTrac units collected over 300 names over the weekend!

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